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Bachelor Thesis – what do you have to consider?


Are you in the final stages of your studies and do you have to write a bachelor thesis? It can be a big challenge, so you need professional help! The best authors with a lot of experience take care of your worries, help you create perfect scientific work of the highest quality and avoid plagiarism. You can always convince yourself that it is so. So, we are waiting for you!

Requirements for the bachelor thesis

A bachelor thesis, as the name implies, is a thesis for obtaining the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences. However, despite the Bologna process, there are no really uniform regulations on the requirements for BA work nationwide. In addition to the specific scope of 30 to 80 pages, a compulsory questioning, a clear structure and a targeted dissertation within this academic work are expected of the student. When writing a BA thesis, the goal is to create a scientific text on a large scale and guided by a research idea using scientific sources. The examination regulations of the respective study program contain the formal and substantive requirements.

Formal and linguistic correctness

In addition to linguistic correctness, the formal requirements include dealing with sources used, compliance with citation rules, and footnote correctness.


A meaningful structure is in the foreground. A bachelor thesis should present a topic clearly, the topic with z. B. underpin experimental results and draw conclusions. It should begin with an introduction and end with a summary. Then add attachments, illustrations and bibliography.


The students should formulate their own thoughts in the context of the work, d. H. to handle the selected topic independently.

Consistency of reasoning

The arguments put forward should be consistent and comprehensible.

Critical consideration

The reasoning with different positions is important in scientific papers. The students should work on the topic of the work critically and in detail.

Main problems when writing a bachelor thesis

lack of time

In the final phase of studying at a university or university, the BA thesis must be written. Because of the other daily tasks, such as the preparation for exams or the part-time job, many students find it difficult to prepare their final thesis on time.

Insufficient knowledge

Universities and (colleges) are responsible for preparing students for their thesis during their studies and teaching them how to write scientific papers. However, in some cases, future graduates acquire insufficient skills to successfully work.

Extensive literature research

Some students find it difficult to research sources extensively and properly formulate the work. In such cases, students lack the key competency of information analysis.

Language problems

It is easier for experienced scientists / academics to write scientific papers. However, students often find it difficult not only to formulate the facts in a language-comprehensible way, but also to find a clear guideline and to follow it.

Rising academic burden

In addition to the above situations, the high academic burden is also a decisive factor for unsuccessful theses. The regular exams, homework and laboratory work block the students time and nerves and make it difficult to write successful theses.

Successful degrees increase the student’s chances of getting along in the careers world and finding their place in it. Over time, the competition in the labor market increases. Therefore, a successful thesis helps the students to gain a foothold in certain professions.

How to do your bachelor thesis!

Remove load

In order to limit the aforementioned burdens, every student should properly plan his thesis right from the start. If possible, you should create a timely schedule, because this is the key to success. You should pay attention to realistic time deposits and emphasize the key milestones in the plan. Should you ever deviate, the plan must be modified properly.

Clever self-organization

The correct selection of literature and a special schedule are part of good self-organization. To find a topic, so-called reading of the literature is recommended, whereas a thorough reading is required when writing the paper. In addition, the examples and facts that influence the outcome should be detailed.

Ghostwriting helps

The students can use the ghostwriter for some tasks: to formulate the questions and hypotheses, to the entire preparation of a thesis or just for a final editing / proofreading. An informative website of the ghostwriter agency shows their sincerity. After a suitable ghostwriter is found, he agrees on the claims by means of consultations with the client, and ensures through the possible constant correspondence the traceability of his work. The costs depend on the complexity of the work.

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